Released: Byron Review into the suitability Internet and Video games for children

27 March 2008 Off By David

Dr Tanya Byron’s Review into computer video games and the internet has been released today.

Dr Byron proposes new codes of practice to regulate social networking sites, such as Bebo and Facebook, including clear standards on privacy and harmful content. The report also calls for a national council to implement the strategy, with a fixed timetable for industry experts; a parents’ panel and child development experts to implement her recommendations. The Government has stated that it is committed to implementing all the recommendations in full.

The report, which was commissioned by the Government 6 months ago, concludes that a more robust ratings system is needed for video games aimed at over-12s to allow young people and parents to make a better informed decision about the suitability of a video game’s themes and actions.

NetIDme Director of Corporate Relations, John Carr, commented:

We welcome the Byron Review’s report, published today, on
children’s safety in the digital world. In particular we welcome the fact that she has pointed to the potential of age verification to contribute to child safety and has called on the proposed new UK Council on Child Internet Safety to keep developments and research in that area under review. As a company we will be delighted to work with the Council to demonstrate the huge advantages of age verification software.