Microsoft Patterns and Practices team release the Model View Presenter (MVP) Bundle

7 December 2007 Off By David



Some interesting news from the Patterns and Practices Team at Microsoft:

From Blaine Wastell – patterns & practices client architecture guidance

The patterns & practices client team just shipped the Model View Presenter (MVP) Bundle. This bundle helps you understand how to test your ASP.NET Web Forms UI. Additionally it shows how to separate the View from the UI logic and its associated model.

This bundle also discusses when to use the Passive View and Supervising Controller to implement MVP. Similar to the other bundles, we provide code examples to demonstrate the MVP pattern. The Model-View-Presenter QuickStart and the Model-View-Presenter with Composite Web Application Block QuickStart.

The Model-View-Presenter QuickStart demonstrates how to implement MVP with standard ASP.NET using the ObjectControlDataSource control for simple testable data binding. The assembly for this control is included with the bundle.

The Model-View-Presenter with Composite Web Application Block QuickStart demonstrates how to implement MVP using the Composite Web Client Library.

This bundle is applicable to those that use the Composite Web Client Library and those that do not. So check it out and give us your feedback on the new bundle.

My friend Glenn Block states,

Implementing MVP allows you to design an application that is built for testability, is more maintainable, and that has less brittle UIs. We’ve invested a lot of effort to give you a clear understanding of what MVP is, what the forces are for using it, and how you can implement it. We’ve also given you a set of guidelines to think about in how you implement MVP. Finally there’s the code (quickstarts) which illustrates several different variations on it’s implementation along with documentation to explain how it works.

The bundle landing page is here where you can download the bits. You can also now view the documentation online without downloading, by going here.

And in the words of Glen

This is not about frameworks, this is not about libraries, this is about the patterns.