Glentress – Red route upgrades rock !

10 November 2004 Off By David

Sunday (7th) saw Craig, Rachel and I paying a visit to Glentress to check out the latest addition to the spooky wood descent of the Red Route which was opened earlier in the week. Bluddy hell, it was fantastic!.

The morning after the night before… well actually I was fine for once as I had not mixed my drinks, keeping to the Guinness. The other were slightly delicate so i considerately planned the 1 1/2 hour journey down to be accompanied by a collection of Madness, Foo Fighters, Soul and Funk…at anything but a hangover friendly volume.

Upon arriving, after being confronted with the car parks being the busiest we have ever seen them, we double parked, got kitted up and met with some of Craig’s mates the who had spent the last hour waiting for one of their mates to turn up (how sportsmanlike!).

The red route starts as normal and indeed continues to provide massive enjoyment from fast singletrack descents and challenging switchback climbs. However, the real fun was about to start.

image Flowing from the highest part of the red route, the section called Spooky Wood is nearly 1.5 km long and has 41 opportunities for air.

Here’s the run down of features:

  • 18 assorted jumps
  • 17 tabletops
  • 4 rock drops
  • assorted dirt doubles
  • 12 180° bermed bends
  • 25 berms

We in the end looped round the Spooky wood ascent and descent three times before carrying on with the red run, joining onto the ‘ewok village’ section of the Black route.

As we normally do now, we continued back up to the free ride area instead of completing the course straight away. This provides you with over 15mins of sublime downhill action by joining the free ride skills area, to a nice swooping blue route section to the actual start of the final descent down to the car park.

A brilliant day trying out the latest brilliant addition to the best mountain biking track in the UK.

Pictures from SingleTrackWorld