Fix: Blurred text in Office 2016 (Skype for Business 2016)

Example of blurred text in Skype for Business UI

Just a heads up.  If after you install Office 2016 you discover that the Skype For Business UI displays with horrendous burred font and scaling issues, then I may have a fix for you.

The fix is rather simple…

  1. Switch to Outlook
  2. Go to File > Options > Advanced > and Turn off hardware acceleration
  3. Restart Skype for Business 2016

…and your problem should be solved.


  • Jaunty

    Brillant! Simple and easy fix. Solved my issue of having a blurry GUI.
    And of course, Outlook was as well the first thing I was thinking of ;-).
    Thanks again.

  • jackharvest

    This fixed my issue where Skype for Business was also extremely blurry and unreadable. Is there a location in GPO where I can change this for all my users?

  • I have no advanced in my options?

  • Stu Jordan

    Worked a treat. Thanks.